Well-Rooted Teas are loose-leaf herbal teas crafted with plants from local organic farmers blended with foraged botanicals native to our region. These infusions of herbs, roots, leaves, fruits and berries nourish the body and are grown and harvested in a manner which promotes the health of our environment.   

The ingredients are grown by local farmers or foraged with permission from private lands and according to wildcrafting sustainability guidelines.

As a part of our mission, we strive to support our local agricultural community and purchase from local farms in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  We only purchase ingredients from farms employing sustainable farming practices that promote healthy soils, reject any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, do not use GMOs, and conserve natural resources through responsible farming practices, demonstrate exceptional ecological stewardship, and most are certified organic.   

A list of our partners:

Alternative Roots Farm

Kohnert Organic Farm

Sacred Blossom Farm

Seven Songs Farm

Vairochana Farm

Will Heal Farm


Our Story


A bumpy and circuitous path has led me to form Well Rooted Teas.  It is a blend of my upbringing in small town Iowa, raised by parents who grew up on farms. They taught me the satisfaction of time spent with my hands in the dirt, nurtured the intuitive understanding of the rhythm of plants which grows from that, as well as a great respect for farming and it's intimate connection to land and community. Add to that my family's focus on exploring nature, and organically this nurtured an intrinsic passion for the natural world. This has been my solace and feeds my soul for as long as I can remember.

As years passed, my love of plants and nature grew at the same time that I slowly unpacked my academic talents and passion and found improving people's health to be my career path. A degree in physiology, a Masters degree in Public Health, and a lengthy history of health-focused career and volunteer work later and Iā€™m still just as passionate about improving people's health. All Well Rooted tea blends bring together my knowledge of the healing and nutritive powers of plants to nurture the body. 

Along this path, I spent years in the Peace Corps in Guinea, West Africa as a health volunteer.  During this time of tremendous discovery, one of the most powerful lessons came from watching life sculpted and decisions made based on community rather than the individual. That has led me to build a business which utilizes local natural resources, promotes local sustainable farmers working in a manner which will support our environment for generations to come, gives 10% of profits back to the community, and maintains the highest level of environmental stewardship possible. 

I've combined my family values and upbringing, my background in public health and desire to improve people's health, my passion for the environment, my love of nature and plants, and my desire to engage in meaningful work which gives back to the community. 

Welcome to Well Rooted Teas.